David J. Scranton

David J. Scranton

CFA®, CFP®, ChFC, CLU, Founder

David J. Scranton CFA®, CFP®, ChFC, CLU, is an Amazon Bestselling Author, nationally recognized money manager, and founder of Sound Income Group, Sound Income Strategies, Retirement Income Source, and Advisors’ Academy. David is on a mission to reach 7 out of 10 Baby Boomers with the important message: When it comes to planning and saving for retirement, it’s all about investing for income.

With 35 years of experience, David has specialized in income-generating investments for the past 24 years. Before that, he followed a typical business model geared toward investing for growth in the stock market. However, in 1999, while many on Wall Street believed the sky was the limit for growth-based investors, David’s knowledge of history led him to believe something different.

It was at this time that David made the change to a business model focused on income-generating investment options. As a result, he was able to help many of his clients avoid damaging losses during the two major market corrections we’ve experienced since the turn of the century.

David’s approach to financial freedom and stability in retirement is both refreshing and realistic. He helps take the guesswork out of financial planning by providing real numbers and real solutions to help preserve your retirement savings for the long term. Often the greatest fear for those in retirement is outliving their hard-earned savings. That is why David’s focus is on teaching them how to turn their savings into a reliable source of renewable income they can trust to last for as long as they need it.

David shares his market insights on networks such as Fox Business, CNBC, TD Ameritrade, and Yahoo Finance. He has his own radio show, “The Retirement Income Source,” which airs weekly on stations around the country. He also hosts the popular “Retirement Income Source” YouTube channel to help educate viewers about financial issues that could impact their retirement. David is the author of three Amazon bestselling books, including “Return on Principle” and “Retirement Income Source.”

A proponent of financial literacy, David has hosted hundreds of workshops and seminars for educated retirees and near-retirees.

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